This Simple Hack Will Help you Stop Doing Stuff You Hate and Get Paid To Do (Only) What you Love

How many hours do you work each day? What do you have to show for all those hours behind the computer? Are they spent surfing aimlessly on Facebook or are you completing your money-making tasks? Do you KNOW what your money-making tasks are??

Money-making tasks are those which require your input and have the highest ROI, such as increased sales or new clients. If you promote affiliate products, then your affiliate income is also a money-making task. Writing your courses and organizing your group coaching programs are definite money-makers. Your monthly newsletter with affiliate offers is a money-maker. Going on podcasts as a guest is a money-maker because it puts you in front of a new audience with potential clients or customers.

Right now, start a list of everything you do on any given day. You’re at your computer all day but what are you REALLY accomplishing? Don’t edit the list; just write down your activities on a typical day.

Once you’re done with that take a look at the list again and start to sort the tasks into two columns: Money Maker or Busy Work. You may notice a mix of tasks across both columns, or maybe you’re ahead of the game and most of your tasks are in the money maker column. Awesome! But if the majority of your tasks fall in the busy work column, then you really need to make some changes. 

Let’s step back and look objectively at your day through new eyes. What happens when you wake up? Are you speeding through the morning because you slept late, or do you enjoy the calmness with your coffee and journal? Do you read any personal development books? Exercise? Jump straight into email or social media?

Experts say that how you start your day is an example of how your day will progress. So, starting your day keeping your mind busy with unimportant social media posts will likely lead you to being distracted with other social posts or busy work tasks throughout the day. 

Social media in general doesn’t make you money, so delegate those tasks. Limit your social media time to just answering questions or starting conversations; don’t get sucked into any drama or any of that useless stuff most people do. Those are time suckers, not money makers.

If you start your day journaling or meditating about your goals, you’ll feel more focused and motivated to work to achieve those goals. If you already have a list of your tasks for the day, then you can get excited to tackle your list as you get dressed.

Look at that task list and prioritize those tasks with the highest ROI that you’ll handle first. Which ones will make sales? Which ones have deadlines? Which ones will attract prospective clients? Which ones involve working with a JV partner? Which ones will make you happy? These are the tasks with the biggest ROI which YOU need to focus on while delegating those other tasks to a virtual assistant.

Remember, your time is valuable as is your expertise. Use both of those to create more income for your business instead of wasting that time watching silly videos on Facebook.

If you want to start your day a bit easier, complete 2-3 of your smallest tasks first so you can go through the rest of your day feeling accomplished, which makes tackling other tasks easier. Both practices are good and effective, and you can even interchange them depending on how your morning starts. If you’re tired from a late night, start off easier. If you slept for 10 hours and worked out first thing, you’ll have the energy you need to keep going. 

Balance what you love doing with what is helping your business grow and thrive. If things you hate to do are vital to your success, consider outsourcing them.

Hope you got value from this post. If you did, feel free to share it out and if you like to hear more about this stuff, I talk about it throughout my 5-day workshop that’s going on right now. 

Today we’re on Day 4, but the replays are available for those who want to catch up but won’t be up for much longer. So if you want to start building a serious and profitable business, you’ll want to grab a spot for this workshop. Details below!

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