Are You Ready To See Crazy PROFITS  In Your Business?

Are you looking for a mentor, accountability, support and training to help you finally break free in your business?

I'm looking for a few more of my dream clients... If that's you... I want to PERSONALLY work with you in your business to help you see Profits FAST!

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you want to attract prospects via social media who are ready to SAY YES to YOUR products & opportunity so you can make more money now?
Do you want the 'Profit Accelerator' framework to connect & CLOSE THE SALE in a way that leaves both you & your prospect feeling amazing?
Do you want to market on social media like the top earners so you stop getting rejected and start getting sales & sign-ups ?
Do you want access to a powerful social media daily method of operation to never run out of prospects who want to join you?
Do you want to CONFIDENTLY & AUTHENTICALLY step into social media conversations, solve their problems, and get clients today?
Do you want to say goodbye to rejection, cold calling, and spamming because you never want to feel like a sleazy car sales person again?
Do you see VALUE in being mentored by Amanda to attract more leads, sales & sign-ups than you ever dreamed possible?
Are you serious about your business and ready to take your business to the next level?

If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, Then I Invite You To Join The 'Profit Accelerator Mastermind


Profit Accelerator Mastermind

The Goal for the 'Profit Accelerator Mastermind' program is simple... help you launch a Profitable Business!

If that's your goal too, then this program is for you!

What Is the Profit Accelerator Mastermind?

It's a private group coaching program for Mompreneur's who are serious about elevating their business and want to see massive profits. Get personal handholding in our group coaching program to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Amanda goes LIVE every week for a group coaching session and get's to work closer with the members helping them reach their goals FASTER. 

Work personally with Amanda Kijek in her private mastermind group to get the answers and strategies you need you need to accelerate your results.

We have guest trainings every month touching on various topics and skills everyone needs when growing a profitable business. 

You also get access to a vast training library of tools and resources designed to help you launch and maintain a successful business that can withstand the test of time, the ups and downs of the economy (which sounds pretty good right now), and an ever-changing marketing landscape!

Waiting and hoping to figure it all out on your own does NOT work. 

Take action now and join a wonderful community of AMAZING MOMPRENEURS WHO ARE MAKING IT HAPPEN!

In the Profit Accelerator Mastermind, you will be given the systems and processes necessary to build your team, systemize your processes and scale your business so you can increase your impact and have the business and lifestyle of your dreams.

Don't just take our word for it... Hear It From Our Members...

Plan B Becomes Plan A

Reaching New Heights

If you are looking for a way to build a Profitable Online Business but are not sure exactly how to start or if you already have a business and want to scale it up to the next level, then this is for you.   

Ready to get started?

I get that it's a big decision... I've been there. What I found out though is that in order to grow and get the results I wanted, I had to step out of my comfort zone and face my fears.

Yes I was scared to invest thousands of dollars on courses. 

Yes I was nervous to hire a personal coach that cost thousands a month!

But it was the best thing I ever did.  

I Made the Investment In My Self and My Business... And It PAID OFF!!

A little about me...

Amanda Kijek, best selling author, CEO of Amanda Kijek Coaching and founder of Profitable Mompreneur helps Network Marketers, Aspiring Coaches and Online Entrepreneurs get massive results in their business using simple and effective marketing strategies. 

The Profit Accelerator Mastermind is where you'll get clarity you've never had before and learn how to generate quality social media leads, nurture them quickly, and sell out your offers with her signature proven framework.

Amanda Kijek has over 15 yrs in the entrepreneurial space. She has taken her experience from real world selling as a brick and mortar business owner and brought it together with her online business experience to give you the actual HOW TO in succeeding in today's social selling space.

Amanda is now a busy mom of 2 toddlers and understands the importance for women to be home with their families and still be able to contribute ALL THE WHILE feeling accomplished and never losing her identity.

Her passion is to empower women to realize their happiness matters too and they CAN be a mom and be successful too.

Here's What Our Members Are Saying

What You'll Get When you Join The Profit Accelerator Mastermind

An Intimate and in-depth on-boarding and clarity session specific to your needs to map your path and goals
Every week we work on developing, implementing and tweaking your weekly marketing plan. The group gets on a live call to discuss the next step and to get guidance for the best plan of action. This is the time to get EXPERT advice from Amanda and support on whatever you are stuck on. 
Get quick and effective strategies to move forward when you feel stuck or just need a second opinion. 
Connect and network with other mompreneurs on a similar journey as you. Inside this group you'll have access to fresh trainings to sharpen your skills and launch your offers with success, support and community. 
The Profit Accelerator Mastermind members get access to planners, guides, templates and other tools designed to make life easier. 
TRAINING LIBRARY This gets updated every month with premium courses and resources to develop your marketing and business skills! You will not need another course, training program, or coach. We literally have everything you could possibly need.
ACCESS TO AMANDA via Text, Messenger and Email
Get support and accountability to help you work through the content, make business decisions and scale your business to the next level. 

The real magic is in the timeless business principles, the accountability, and the cutting edge marketing strategies we teach inside academy.

You will not find something as in-depth, customized and supportive anywhere else.

SO...if you are serious about exponential growth, mastering your business, and being the front runner in your market...The Profit Accelerator Mastermind is for you!

Don't Miss your chance to make this year your most PROFITABLE EVER!!!


Choose The Plan That's Right For You


Twelve Monthly
Payments of


One Payment of



One 1 on 1 Mastermind Session With Amanda

You can trust us!

Melinda - The Goal Slaying Girl

Let's Dive Into The Details!

This program provides you with the tools, skills and accountability you need to have if you want to create MASSIVE SUCCESS in your business.

On-boarding Coaching Session

Get on a call with me where we'll discuss your goals, your setbacks and what you need to do to get unstuck and go in the right direction with your business. 

Getting You In The Right Mindset For Success  

Having the right mindset is key to growing your business. That's a huge part of success in anything you want to do in life and we will dive into that to make sure you are in the right mindset. 

We will be working closely together on developing that. (This is What People Struggle With The Most!)

Access To My Private Facebook Community

Join the private Facebook community of Mompreneur's connecting, learning and networking. Includes  guest trainers and exclusive bonuses!

Learn How To Grow a Profitable Group!

Facebook groups is where it's at right now and I'll show you exactly what it takes to grow your group, run a list building challenge and build those connections that will lead to more leads and sales in your business. No matter what businesses you're in, this works!

The Pillars of Marketing & Generating Leads

Learn what it takes to generate leads daily! This is your ticket to trade cold calling, spamming and icky feeling sales tactics for genuine authentic conversation that effortlessly attracts the right clients to you.

Social Selling Skills You Need  

Take the guesswork out of what to say and where to look for your audience. We cover how to fill your groups, create engagement that keeps your content in sight and you'll never have to wonder what to say or how others are able to make sales with ease because now you'll have the ultimate sales blueprint.

Content Creation and Why It's Vital To Success Online  

Do you feel like you just cant come up with valuable content? Or worse yet you put all the effort into something you think is amazing and then get nothing but crickets? Don't worry we have got you covered and that is now a problem of the past my friend!

How To Start Going Live Effectively  

Now its your time. No need to have that feeling of dread because you don't want to get on camera live. We will walk you through those blocks and into a new level of success for your business by simplifying this process so that YOU CAN go live and rock it!

How To Utilize Group Challenges For More Leads & Sales  

Chances are if you are on social media that you have taken part in a challenge at some point (heck that's possibly how you are here seeing this now). We dedicated an entire section to it because of the level of success groups challenges can create for you quickly and effectively. You'll be hard pressed to find this training anywhere else!

Weekly Live Training  

Never feel like you are thrown into another prerecorded course or training and left to fend for yourself again. 

It was painfully obvious to me that so many of us struggled and failed because we were left to fend for ourselves after paying good money to acquire skills to take us further. 

Instead of adding to your doubts, overwhelm and burden of too much info or comparing yourself to others, I HAVE MADE it MY PRIORITY to meet you where you are and cut those problems out before they start, with our LIVE training each week together. 

Never feel unsupported or alone again.

New Training Course Added Every Month

During your twelve month program, you will be receiving a new course every month that will build on your skills and give you a path to get to where you want to be. These courses easily can sell for a couple thousands dollars if you seek them out and buy them individually but you get it all included in your membership! Never have to spend money on courses that don't serve you ever again. It's all here. 

Accountability & Support

Access to me via messenger, email, and through the group at all times. Ongoing weekly training, Q&A, accountability and check-in.

Referral Program

Earn 20% for anyone you refer that joins the Profit Accelerator Mastermind!

and much much more...

The Value of all this is INSANE!

(Most coaches charge thousands of dollars a month and still don't give you as much as you get when you join the Profit Accelerator Mastermind)


Choose The Plan That's Right For You


Twelve Monthly
Payments of


One Payment of



One 1 on 1 Mastermind Session With Amanda

You can trust us!

Check Out Some of The Training You'll Get Instant Access To When You Join...

Get Profitable: How To Get New Paying Clients In The Next 30 Days

Let’s face it: As coaches and solopreneurs, our clients are the lifeblood of our business. Without paying clients, our doors are closed.

But it’s all too easy to fall into a comfort zone, where we have a full calendar of paying clients and we tell ourselves that we don’t have another moment in our day to actually market our business. 

Let’s stop with those excuses once and for all! If you don’t have a steady stream of prospects reaching out to you about your offers and your services, you’re not marketing. Lack of marketing spells disaster when a client decides they don’t need coaching any more, for whatever reason.

Have you ever considered if more than one client left your service at the same time? Do you have a back up plan for recruiting another client (or three) quickly to take their place? Do you have a list of prospects just waiting in the wings for that phone call that a spot just opened up?

If you’re lacking that steady stream of prospects, this is for you. If you’re marketing but seeing few results, this is also for you. 

This Covers How To:

Inject Cash Into Your Business Fast with a No-Brainer Offer
Package Up Your Tried-and-True Expertise in a New Way
Rake in Bonus Cash with Referrals
Love on Former Leads (the Right Way) + Turn Them Into Clients Overnight
10x Your Clients’ Results–and Your Earnings–with a Smart Collaboration
The Counterintuitive Way to Get Paid More–Quickly
Host a Flash Sale that Actually Sells
Turn Your Latest Burning Idea Into Cold Hard Cash–And Get Paid To Do It!
Build Out a Pipeline-Flooding Funnel Swimming with Perfect Clients

($297 Value)

Map Our Your $5K Mastermind Program

($5,000 Value)

Ready to start your own Mastermind program?

This Covers:

6 Questions to Help You Design an Electrifying Mastermind
If you want your mastermind program to be successful right from the start, answer these six questions honestly and in-depth. The more planning you put into this process, the more value your potential members will see and they will clamor to join.
The Best Way to Choose a Topic Your Tribe Cannot Resist
Choosing a topic for your Mastermind isn’t just a matter of pulling a topic out of your head that you love or know like the back of your hand. Your passion project may not appeal to many people, so you need to think strategically.
How to Position Your Pricing For an Easy Yes!
Setting up pricing on products, programs, and coaching packages can be tricky. You don’t want to undersell your value simply to attract more customers but you don’t want to overprice your offerings either and turn people off. It’s a real struggle but it’s not impossible to overcome.
How to Screen Participants for a 100% Perfect Fit
The success of any mastermind program is how well the group is organized and how much each member participates. There’s nothing worse than a group leader who is late to meetings or whose participants would rather catch the meeting replay on video than attend live.
The Secret to a Successful Mastermind? A Rock-Solid Plan
When you don’t plan – or fail to write down that plan – you will most likely forget important things that need to happen in your Mastermind planning or in the actual meetings themselves.
5 Online Components Every Mastermind Group Needs
Just as with any new product or service, you’ll need to promote your Mastermind and have some common components in place to help attract people to your application as well as answer questions for prospects.
Marketing Tactics That Will Get You a Mile-Long Waiting List!
Just as with any other program, a consistent marketing strategy will create buzz for your new Mastermind as well as attract prospects. Consistency is key when promoting online, so formulate a social media strategy and other media opportunities to spread the word.
Why It’s Critical to Collect Feedback and Revise
Even the best laid plans have room for improvement. You may discover this need for improvement while your Mastermind is in progress or you may hear grumblings from members after it ends. Either way, look forward to receiving constructive criticism because it’s a way for you to improve the program in the future to become bigger and better.

Map Our Your 6-Figure Course Launch

Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Selling out a high-ticket course and bringing in 6-figures in passive income?

Planning out an entire launch sounds complicated and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be! When you have a plan to follow, it can be accomplished in as little as a weekend!

Just imagine how good that would feel...

Imagine the doors this course could open …

More freedom …

More income …

Well, it’s totally possible.

With this training, you can do all that and more. Your would be walking away with a solid foundation… and a killer plan… for everything that needs to be done to bring in 6-figures from your course launch.

This Covers How To:

Lock Down a Launch Schedule
Pick Enticing Pricing + Payment Options 
Bang Out Some Must-Have Special Bonuses
Create Crazy-Compelling Pieces of Pre-Launch Content
Draft Delectable opt-in pages and Follow-Up Emails to Increase Excitement
Dole Out Killer Daily Content to Score Sales Around the Clock
Use Affiliates to Attract Truckloads of New Buyers
Create Client-Attracting Affiliate Assets
Host Your Show-Stopping (+ Wallet-Opening) Sales Webinar or Livestream
Open Your Cart and Start Bringing in the Ca-Ching! 
Close Your Cart and STILL Make Major Sales!

($2,997 Value)

Add 100+ New Subscribers To Your List In 30 Days

No matter what some people may say, email is most definitely not dead. In fact, it might be more important than ever.

With more and more businesses popping up online, it's getting harder and harder to get attention on social media. Groups are crowded with other people competing for the same potential clients.

Even when you are able to share an offer, chances are people aren't going to drop tons of cash if they don't know, like, or trust you yet. But when you have an email list, you have ready-made group of people who literally signed up to hear from you. They had to willingly hand over their email address and say "yes! I want to hear from you." This cuts the path to developing a know, like and trust factor down dramatically, making it much easier to pitch and sell offers.

This Module Covers:

The #1 Thing You Need to Attract New Subscribers (Don’t Even Try to Skip This Step!)
Creating a Landing Page So People Are Excited to Give Away Their Email  
Transforming Your Website into a Lead-Generating Machine with a Few Simple Tweaks
Use Free Webinars to Explode Your List–and Your Know, Like, Trust Factor
Simple-Yet-Effective Tips to Nab Tons of New Subscribers from Facebook–Fast
Offer Your Irresistible Opt-in on Instagram and Watch Your Subscriber Numbers Soar  
Get in Front of Fresh Audiences (and New Ideal Clients) 
Reach Thousands of Potential Subscribers (Literally) Overnight  

($997 Value)

What’s better than a group of devoted fans, ready to learn more from you and ready to buy whatever you’re putting down?

We’re thinking the answer is: Not much.

That’s the dream isn’t it? To have a group of people who are connected to you, loyal, and ready and eager to purchase whatever it is you’re selling.

If you said yes it is, we’re on the same page.

You know that in order to make the biggest impact, and make the most money, your clients need to develop that know, like and trust factor with their audience.

And one of the best ways to do that is by building an email list.

An email list is a ready-made group of people who genuinely want to hear from you. They want more information and value. They want to get to know you.

And once they get to know you, they are much more likely to buy.

Unshakeable: Leaning into Unapologetic Messaging, Creation, and Selling with Confidence and Ease

If you know there’s so much more to you & what you’re here to share than what you’re currently showing the world on social media, this is for you…

Learn to Share Your Stories, Expertise & Authentic Truth on Social Media & Finally Be Seen As a Leader!

Ever wondered what it’d feel like to be the kind of entrepreneur who says what she wants, when she wants, the WAY she wants and STILL makes loads of cash? 

Our fans, our clients, our audience... they want to get to know the REAL person behind the screen. We all do.

Maybe you already know that or you haven't gotten the memo.

Are you playing small and! (At least in public.)

Perhaps you're feeling like...

"I'm scared to put the real me out there,
but I sure do look up to those who do."  

Then this is for you...

Do you ever dream about what it would feel like to be the kind of entrepreneur who says what she wants, when she wants, the WAY she wants and STILL makes loads of cash?  

Is this your life right now?  

You create content for your business, but there’s you secretly want to say (but “just can’t”)
You think you have your message nailed down, but know they you watering it down a little out of fear
You recognize that the content creators & leaders you are drawn to have a certain appeal to them (and you want that!) 
You often often find yourself deleting or just not publishing the posts that say what you truly want to say (you write inspired posts that stay in “Draft” mode forever)
You really want your content to connect with others in a DEEP way, and also inspire potential clients and collaborative connections to reach out to you to work together
You notice yourself regurgitating information you learned from someone else–and leaving out your own unique spin or ideas–due to fear of being called out as “wrong” or “stupid” 

If you’re nodding along in agreement, know this:  

No matter where you're at right now, it’s possible for you to cultivate unshakeable confidence in everything you share online so you not only feel good about how you are showing up & what you are offering, but make good money from it, too.  

It’s Time to Get Your Message On Point & Start Confidently Sharing Your Expertise, Viewpoints & Self on Social Media!

Here’s the deal: Online business owners are a dime-a-dozen these days. Everybody wants to be their own boss, manage their own time & schedule and work in their coziest leggings. 

But if you’re stopping yourself from saying what you truly want to say, you’ll wind up blending in instead of standing out–which is basically a death wish for your business.

And actually it’s not just your business that suffers.

Because not only does blending in mean missing out on opportunities, clients and clout…it also means your confidence will take a major dip.

Because who wants to be “just another” online entrepreneur? (I’m guessing not you!)

The truth is that to make meaningful connections & cash online, you have to do and say meaningful things.

(On the flip side, when you’re not saying anything meaningful, you can’t possibly connect with your ideal clients–at least not authentically. ‘Cause how can you connect authentically when you’re not being authentic? Exactly.)

Honestly, why even waste your time crafting content that gets overlooked or scrolled by or running a business that doesn’t make a difference or dollars?

But before you go beating yourself (more) for all this…let’s talk psychology.

It’s actually NOT your fault that you just can’t seem to muster up the courage to break away from the crowd, or go against the ideology of a “popular” person in your niche.

As humans, we’re literally conditioned to fear sharing our truth boldly or say anything that matters.

Our brains are wired to want to stay safe and “belong” because “belonging” used to mean survival. And having radical viewpoints? It meant the opposite.

That said, it makes perfect psychological sense why SO many entrepreneurs have a deep-seeded fear that if they say what’s in their heart, people will reject them.

It’s also why sharing your true message can kick up all kinds of fears: fear of visibility, fear of success, fear of rejection–you name it.

In the end, though, the most powerful marketing HAS TO alienate people.

There is a silver lining, though…

Most of us KNOW who we are and what we believe–we’re just not sharing it with the world because we’re SCARED or UNCLEAR (or both!)

Which means that once you strip away the stuff holding you back, you CAN cultivate real confidence and clarity around what you want to say and who you want to say it to and actually start it in a way that connects with the people it’s meant to.

Yes, you can LEARN how to start putting yourself out there in a more powerful way & (finally) get known and recognized for the work you do in the world.

Starting now, I’m offering a unique, step-by-step course that will teach you how to get over this innate fear, gain crystal-clear clarity on your true viewpoints & start putting messaging into the Universe that attracts the right people and repels the wrong ones. 

(And I promise you’ll not only survive as a result–you’ll thrive.)

When you join the Academy, you’ll have access to this training and workbook walking you step-by-step through how to feel confident expressing your own unique message & offers so you can sell more, more easily, to the perfect people for you. 

By the end, this can be your reality…

You know without-a-sliver-of-a-doubt what your TRUE message is and the HEART of the work you’re here to do
You know what YOU are uniquely all about and what YOU truly want to say in your content (and no longer feel the need–or desire–to parrot what your mentor or blindly agree with every uber-popular person in your niche)
You create heart-tugging content in half the time–content that cuts through the noise, abolishes the “algorithm’s” vendetta against you AND eases the ache of crappy email open rates, low engagement and no or low sales 
You’re finally seen, known and recognized for your one-of-a-kind essence, expertise and style
You feel proud of everything you post online and love everything about the way you’re showing up & being seen–not to mention, love all the people reaching out to you who totally get you & want “whatever it is you’re selling!”
You know how to gracefully handle heat from potential haters & naysayers

You’re bold enough to share your true opinions no matter what–even if you know there might be backlash as result (read; this is THE sign of a true leader!)  
You can stand up and speak out during periods of social upheaval or unrest–you don’t go radio silent (and people love you more for it–even if what you say isn’t “perfect’)

Sound like what you want? 

Awesome, but there is one caveat: Finding your message–and cultivating true confidence around sharing it–requires digging deep into who you are and what you believe.

When you join this experience, you’re agreeing to take a deeper -than-you’ve-ever-taken look at exactly what you want to say in your business. And you’re agreeing to (eventually) give up the whole sugarcoating & watering down thing you’ve grown accustomed to.

If you’re ready to make that agreement, I promise that life on the other side will look & feel so much sweeter. (And your bank balance? Will look so much higher.)

Because in the end? Showing up authentically & boldly saying what you truly want to say is the ONLY way to truly stand out.

And the more you stand up and stand out, the more people you’ll find online–with less effort–who truly get you and can’t freaking wait want to work with you.

The only question now is: Are you ready for it?

With This Training You'll Learn How To:

Gain Razor-Sharp Clarity to Master Your Message & Share Your Raw Truth
Learn to Squash Your Fears & Boldly Battle Backlash (or Haters)
Turn Your Message into Ultra-Compelling Content
Pack a Punch with A More Polarizing Messaging
Tell Stories that Show the Real You–Flaws and All!
Tactfully Talk to Your Audience During a Crisis and Stand Up for Social Issues Like a Leader
Get in Front of Fresh Audiences (and New Ideal Clients) with Just-Right JVs and Partnerships     
Stop Feeling Scared to Sell & Own the Value of Your Unique Offers

($997 Value)

What’s better than a group of devoted fans, ready to learn more from you and ready to buy whatever you’re putting down?

We’re thinking the answer is: Not much.

That’s the dream isn’t it? To have a group of people who are connected to you, loyal, and ready and eager to purchase whatever it is you’re selling.

If you said yes it is, we’re on the same page.

You know that in order to make the biggest impact, and make the most money, your clients need to develop that know, like and trust factor with their audience.

And one of the best ways to do that is by building an email list.

An email list is a ready-made group of people who genuinely want to hear from you. They want more information and value. They want to get to know you.

And once they get to know you, they are much more likely to buy.

+ You'll Also Get

7 Done-For-You Emails To Grow your Client Base

Want to be fully booked this year?

Most business have a natural ebb and flow of clients coming in and clients going out.

But if you’re not actively working to keep fresh new leads coming in, you’ll be putting yourself in a less than desirable position if your income unexpectedly takes a sharp dive downwards.

Whether your clients have “graduated” from your coaching program, or they no longer need your services for whatever reason – you will want to make sure you have a list of potential clients to pull from when you need to.

Some of the ways you can build that potential client list are:

Following up with people who have shown interest in coaching in the past but who were not ready yet
On-boarding JV partners
Reaching out to past clients who may be ready to come back
Asking for referrals from current and past clients
And much more!

As usual, we make it super easy for you to do with our done-for-you letters/emails that you can use to do all of these things!

These are the 7 Letters You'll Get In This Kit:

You will receive the following 7 documents that you can add your logo and customize them for your own use in working with your clients. Then you or your virtual assistant can send them out when they’re needed!

Referral Request Letter/Email

Letter to send to your current clients with a request that they refer new clients to you.

Post Consultation Call Follow Up Letter/Email

Letter to send to people you spoke with on a free consultation call to sell them into your programs.

Client Reactivation Letter/Email

Letter to send to your inactive clients to encourage them to sign back up for your services and programs.

JV Program Invitation Letter/Email

Letter to send to potential JV partners inviting them to join your referral program.

Client Testimonial Request Letter/Email

Letter to send to your current clients asking them to send you a testimonial that you can use on your website and in your marketing materials.

Referral Bonus Letter for Existing Coaching Clients

Letter to send to past and current coaching clients where they can earn a free coaching call with you for referring a new client who buy a coaching program.

Post Event Potential Client Follow Up Letter/Email/Card

Letter to send to people you connected with at a business event who you feel would be good potential clients.

and Much Much More....

What Amanda's Students Are Saying...


Let's Recap Everything You Get when You Join the 12-Month Profit Accelerator Mastermind Today

Onboarding Session With Amanda ($997 Value)
To get you started off the right away. We're going to figure out your goals and map out a plan to get you there within the next 12 months or sooner!
Access To Amanda's Inner Circle Mastermind group ($8,997 Value)
- Weekly group coaching session
- Access To Amanda for direct and easy support and accountability
- Guest Trainers
Access To The Academy ($9,997+ Value)
- Get a access to a training library like no other designed to give you the tools, skills and expertise to build a profitable business like no other. 
- New Course and training material added every month
20% Referral Bonus for Mastermind Members  
Start a new, consistent and recurring  revenue stream by referring others to this Mastermind 

Here Is What Members Are Saying...

The most important thing in working with Amanda is she simplifies everything and gives step by step directions. I am so happy that I invested in myself to have Amanda as my coach. I got so much clarity of what I have to implement to move forward in my home based business. I would highly recommend Amanda's course to anyone who wants to move forward and be successful in their business.


Network Marketer

I’m so thankful I decided to invest in myself and join Amanda’s Mastermind. 

Amanda is very professional, offers weekly live coaching sessions, and is always available for any questions. She is very hands on. I
have found so much more value and gained so much more knowledge than any course I have taken. 

When I joined with her I was just starting my journey. I was clueless, just doing what I was told, and not having much success. After committing to this program I have had a massive increase in success. This success includes adding team member, increased sales, hitting new ranks, much better posting and being able to finally serve and help others . 

It is the most incredible feeling having a coach that is there to cheer me on, available to solve problems when they arise, and keep me growing. 

I will be forever grateful for this opportunity.

Mary Jo

Network Marketer

I am so excited to have locked arms with Amanda! She has helped me increase my engagement on social media and gain the confidence and skills to develop my coaching business. 

Melinda Rychlik-Clark

Lifestyle Coach

Amanda you are the first person in three years to make personal branding understandable. I finally I get it and I’m really excited about it.  Wendyxx

Wendy Frasier  

"I recently started an online business and have little to no experience in network marketing, but spending just a few days with Amanda things are finally making sense.

She makes the content easy to understand and I had a quite a few a-ha moments

I am truly thankful for the time spent learning new tools which I can use to grow my business...

Cindy Bothman    


Choose The Plan That's Right For You


Twelve Monthly
Payments of


One Payment of



One 1 on 1 Mastermind Session With Amanda

You can trust us!

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