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What Is the Action To Profits Academy?

The Academy is a growing library of tools and resources designed to help you launch and maintain a successful business that can withstand the test of time, the ups and downs of the economy (which sounds pretty good right now), and an ever-changing marketing landscape!


Plan B Becomes Plan A

Reaching New Heights

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Still On the Fence?

I get that it's a big decision... I've been there. What I found out though is that in order to grow and get the results I wanted, I had to step out of my comfort zone and face my fears.

Yes I was scared to invest thousands of dollars on courses. 

Yes I was nervous to hire a personal coach that cost thousands a month!

But it was the best thing I ever did.  

I Made the Investment In My Self and My Business... And It PAID OFF!!

Hi Amanda you are the first person in three years to make personal branding understandable I know it’s taken me a few days to get my head around it but finally I get it, I’ve started my group and started adding people in my niche invited them, added and sent out a welcome video. It’s called Be U tiful and I’m really excited about it.  Wendyxx

Wendy Frasier

"I recently started an online business and have little to no experience in network marketing, but spending just a few days with Amanda things are finally making sense.

She makes the content easy to understand and I had a quite a few a-ha moments

I am truly thankful for the time spent learning new tools which I can use to grow my business...

Cindy Bothman

What You'll Get When you Join The Academy

The real magic is in the timeless business principles, the accountability, and the cutting edge marketing strategies we teach inside academy.

You will not find something as in-depth, customized and supportive anywhere else.

SO...if you are serious about exponential growth, mastering your business, and being the front runner in your market...The Academy is for you!

Don't Miss your chance to make the rest of 2020 your most PROFITABLE months EVER!!!

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Still Not Sure If This Is For You?

Melinda - Health and Wellness Coach

Let's Dive Into The Details!

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On-boarding Coaching Session

Get on a call with me where we'll discuss your goals, your setbacks and what you need to do to get unstuck and go in the right direction with your business. 

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Getting You In The Right Mindset For Success  

Having the right mindset is key to growing your business. That's a huge part of success in anything you want to do in life and we will dive into that to make sure you are in the right mindset. 

We will be working closely together on developing that. (This is What People Struggle With The Most!)

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Access To My Private Facebook Community

Join the Action To Profits Academy private Facebook community of Mompreneur's connecting, learning and networking. Includes monthly surprise guest trainers and exclusive bonuses!

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Grow a Profitable Group!

Facebook groups is where it's at right now and I'll show you exactly what it takes to grow your group, run a list building challenge and build those connections that will lead to more leads and sales in your business. No matter what businesses you're in, this works!

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The Pillars of Marketing & Generating Leads

Learn what it takes to generate leads daily! This is your ticket to trade cold calling, spamming and icky feeling sales tactics for genuine authentic conversation that effortlessly attracts the right clients to you.

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Social Selling Skills You Need  

Take the guesswork out of what to say and where to look for your audience. We cover how to fill your groups, create engagement that keeps your content in sight and you'll never have to wonder what to say or how others are able to make sales with ease because now you'll have the ultimate sales blueprint.

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Content Creation and Why It's Vital To Success Online  

Do you feel like you just cant come up with valuable content? Or worse yet you put all the effort into something you think is amazing and then get nothing but crickets? Don't worry we have got you covered and that is now a problem of the past my friend!

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How To Start Going Live Effectively  

Now its your time. No need to have that feeling of dread because you don't want to get on camera live. We will walk you through those blocks and into a new level of success for your business by simplifying this process so that YOU CAN go live and rock it!

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How To Utilize Group Challenges For More Leads & Sales  

Chances are if you are on social media that you have taken part in a challenge at some point (heck that's possibly how you are here seeing this now). We dedicated an entire section to it because of the level of success groups challenges can create for you quickly and effectively. You'll be hard pressed to find this training anywhere else!  

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Weekly Live Training  

Never feel like you are thrown into another prerecorded course or training and left to fend for yourself again. 

It was painfully obvious to me that so many of us struggled and failed because we were left to fend for ourselves after paying good money to acquire skills to take us further. 

Instead of adding to your doubts, overwhelm and burden of too much info or comparing yourself to others, I HAVE MADE it MY PRIORITY to meet you where you are and cut those problems out before they start, with our LIVE training each week together. 

Never feel unsupported or alone again.

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Accountability & Support

Access to me via messenger, email, and through the group at all times. Ongoing weekly training and Q&A, monthly accountability and check-in 1 on 1 together.

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Referral Program

Refer others to the Academy and earn Affiliate Commissions! 

This program is PERFECT for those in network marketing, coaching, online course creators, or those who have/want to do an on-going monthly membership program.  

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Still Not Sure If This Is For You?


Who Is Amanda Kijek?

Amanda Kijek, best selling author, CEO of Amanda Kijek Coaching and founder of Profitable Mompreneur helps Network Marketers, Coaches and Online Entrepreneurs see results in their business using simple and effective marketing strategies. 

The Action To Profits Academy is where you'll get clarity you've never had before and learn how to generate quality social media leads, nurture them quickly, and fill your teams with our favorite proven strategy.

Amanda Kijek has over 15 yrs in the entrepreneurial space. She has taken her experience from real world selling as a brick and mortar business owner and brought it together with her online network marketing experience to give you the actual HOW TO in succeeding in today's social selling space.

Amanda is now a busy mom of 2 toddlers and understands the importance for women to be home with their families and still be able to contribute ALL THE WHILE feeling accomplished and never losing her identity.

Her passion is to empower women to realize their happiness matters too and they CAN be a mom and be successful too.

Pat - Health & Wellness


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Here Is What Members Are Saying...

The most important thing in working with Amanda is she simplifies everything and gives step by step directions. I am so happy that I invested in myself to have Amanda as my coach. I got so much clarity of what I have to implement to move forward in my home based business. I would highly recommend Amanda's course to anyone who wants to move forward and be successful in their business.


Network Marketer

I’m so thankful I decided to invest in myself and join Amanda’s 6 month Actions to profits academy. 

Amanda is very professional, offers weekly live coaching sessions, and is always available for any questions. She is very hands on. I
have found so much more value and gained so much more knowledge than any course I have taken. 

When I joined with her I was just starting my journey. I was clueless, just doing what I was told, and not having much success. After committing to this program I have had a massive increase in success. This success includes adding team member, increased sales, hitting new ranks, much better posting and being able to finally serve and help others . 

It is the most incredible feeling having a coach that is there to cheer me on, available to solve problems when they arise, and keep me growing. 

I will be forever grateful for this opportunity.

Mary Jo

Network Marketer

I am so excited to have locked arms with Amanda! She has helped me increase my interaction on social media and gain confidence through my skills that work to develop my coaching business. 

I have also learned valuable strategies to grow my direct sales business!

Melinda Rychlik-Clark

Lifestyle Coach

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