What was your reason for starting your business? Financial freedom? No bosses? No office politics? You want to help people?

All of these reasons (and the others that are floating in your head) are admirable and should inspire you to reach high for your goals but the only way to reach those goals is to stay focused on your main mission and not on admin tasks.

Are you the Jane-of-all-Trades and feel the need to do everything yourself? You’re updating your website, figuring out how to create your sales funnels, scheduling your own client appointments, answering emails, handling customer service issues, and doing your own monthly bookkeeping. Plus all the myriad marketing tasks that are necessary to attract customers and grow your audience and customer base like being visible on social media.

If you’re so focused on ALL of these admin and marketing tasks, how much time are you really dedicating to your clients and customers? The money is with your paying clients, yet all the other admin and marketing tasks are certainly necessary. How do you split your time?

Quite simply, it’s time to delegate your admin tasks to an assistant. It’s always best to hire a Virtual Assistant, who works remotely from their home office who can schedule appointments, answer questions about your coaching programs, and keep your social media profiles updated.

For something as specialized as your financial books, hiring a CPA or a certified bookkeeper is important. Not only are they bound by confidentiality and a code of ethics but they know how to keep accurate records and how to organize everything for a smooth tax season. 

In general, hiring experts in their field is a wise business investment, even when it comes to hiring admin assistants. Those with solid job experience can finish tasks much more quickly and efficiently (and with fewer mistakes) than someone with less experience, or even you! Remember the last time you tried learning new software or trying to figure out how to create a profitable marketing funnel or building your own website from scratch? There’s a learning curve to everything; why put yourself through that, wasting precious time and money, when there are experts who can implement all that in half the time?

Also, a word of caution when hiring. Be very clear on the tasks you need completed and what skills you want in an assistant. Absolutely anyone can say they are an admin assistant or a VA, even if they have limited experience. Go through an interview process, ask for references. Your business is important so you want to hire a qualified applicant.

Do you have what it takes to develop a million-dollar business?

Do you daydream of traveling to far off, luxurious places on a private jet? Or having a cleaning  staff who takes care of your house and cooks your meals? Or purchasing your dream sports car with cash?

I think we’re all capable of achieving greatness and making our dreams come true, even though everyone’s definition of “greatness” or “success” is different. However, not everyone has the entrepreneurial spirit to start a business never mind grow it to a million dollar empire.

The secret to having a million dollar business comes down to 3 steps: focus, planning and action.

Without one of these steps, the others are useless and you won’t reach your big goals. You may move your business along slowly but to reach the big time, you need ALL 3 of these steps to work in sync, much like the gears and chain on a bicycle. When they’re working properly, the bike moves and brings you to your destination; when they don’t work, you’re stuck in limbo.

Join me on for my free webinar, Why You Need a Million Dollar Plan for a Million Dollar Business. We will discuss in-depth the importance of this 3-step approach, how breaking down your goals will move you along faster, and why taking ACTION is key to implementing any kind of a plan, for any business.


This webinar will be full of actionable tips and info you can implement into your business right away. We’ll also talk about how to hire your support team, tools you can use to increase productivity, and the reasons why you need to re-evaluate your processes and procedures on a regular basis.

Get ready to take lots of notes and take ACTION!