In my search for the answer of where to begin as an affiliate marketer I began to notice a pattern.

A definite theme across the board from people in the profession, was that there was more than just one special thing that would make a difference to get started in business online.

The affiliate world and its products are vast and therefore it takes doing your research and getting as many answers to your questions as possible. It’s important to narrow down what is going to be the best for you, for your budget, interests and of course the people you intend to market these products to.

That being said with the research I did, I found these 6 tips to stand out most … so here you go 🙂

Here are 6 tips that will help get a clearer focus when you are beginning as an affiliate marketer:

1. Pick the right products

Make sure they not only align with you, but are appealing and highly desired by your audience.

Ask yourself if the products you will be offering are going to be the “band-aid” to your markets problems and concerns.

Will this product provide the solution to them or will it be something that is just out of there reach.

Think of a unemployed stay at home mom wanting to reinvent herself and find something to fill the gap that’s there since leaving the workforce and how being able to make her own money online from home would feel.

If your product is only a high ticket product then you are not going to be making a sale that day, even though she absolutely wanted what you were offering. It will just become another dream of what she wishes she could have but can’t at this moment in her life.

Be sure to have a strong value ladder of different products, that are available to different levels of needs and budget. If you have that, then you can help that stay at home mom get one step closer to her dreams. Not only that but the chance of her returning for the next offer on the ladder will be greater because you know she was already interested in what you had to offer with her first purchase.

2. Do video

This one is can be really intimidating, and I know right now as you read this that you may even have one foot out the door. But don’t you fret because if you have a fear of the camera I have some options that can still make an impact for you.

Although video is the absolute best for you as a beginner because it allows you to quickly grow a know, like and trust with your audience, you can also use some other methods too.  

You may consider starting with doing a video of a power-point presentation to share your value. This way your still getting your views (because social media sites favor live over all other methods and it also happens to be the most underutilized form) but the bonus is you are able to be behind the camera and still respond to your audience in real time.

Another option similar to this could be a screen share. Once again you would want to be doing this while live to build that engagement and push you to the front of more viewers and potential clients. Again this doesn’t require having your face on camera. In this option though I would recommend having your profile photo on the screen to help build up more of that know, like and trust I mentioned earlier. It’s always going to help your viewers feel closer to you and recognize you quicker to see your face.

Remember there is always a way! So if you want to get going making sales and commissions, the best bet is to just get started !  If that means warming yourself up to finally getting on the other side of the lens then so be it. Just don’t let that be what stops you from the success you can have as the affiliate marketer you aspire to be.

“Everyone was once a beginner”

3. Content

Well here I am at this point and I am already struggling with the fact that this may well have been the topic to take the spot of number one!  

I don’t think they would make up a saying for it if it wasn’t so important.  You know the one… “content is king”.

Without  content you will not have an audience or a following  period. And in the beginning those are two things you most definitely need.

The reason that consistent content is so valuable at this point when you are a beginner, is because it will get you more organic followers which means free…

I don’t think I need to explain why free is so important when you are not yet making sales. Plus being able to offer your audience that value is going to attract the target market you are looking to for, and then those sales are going to start coming in and you will be able to layer your free strategies on top of some paid ones with no worry of costs.

4. Have more than 1 product to promote

This ties back to the value ladder in number one. If you have multiple products at multiple prices, you are more likely to have customers coming back who are already happy with the products they bought.

You don’t want to limit yourself by having only one and hoping you can get a bunch of sales on it. Imagine what else that already happy customer could get use out of if you had more offers for there other pain points.

You will want to consider if your products are appealing to many different ages and many different types of people, making up a variety of different professions.

Just Imagine if what you had to offer had that broad of a reach.  Imagine that millennial’s to baby boomers, in an array of businesses could use the products that you have to offer…now imagine that you can even broaden that more by having a value ladder that ranged from lower priced products, to medium and then high ticket products.

I like to compare this to Apple because boy were they smart when they came out with the iPhone. Everyone wants that thing !

I can’t go out someplace without seeing an iPhone in someone’s hand and it really could be a teenybopper,s to a college student, to a mom juggling her kids, to the truck driver at the truck stop and business people grabbing a quick coffee on their break…

Now think about how much those people love their phones and how many probably have an iPad at home as well because they already love their phone. They probably even have the mac book and the iMac and ,…well you must get the point by now …

In case you don’t though. I want it to be clear how important having a variety of products at a variety of price points can be for you so that your market will keep coming back if what you have to offer is valuable to them.

5. Say no to Spam

You see this on social media in the form of posts or messages about joining opportunities or buying products and it’s all about the sale and nothing to do with how it can help your audience.

“Buy this abc because it has xyz and look at the pretty jar with my companies logos all over it, blah blah blah”…spam, yuuuck!

This quickly kills your credibility and the know, like and trust factor and it will be really hard to build it back up again , if ever. ( If  you haven’t already been unfriended by your closest friends !)

Your offer should be about serving their needs and finding them a solution for their problems and concerns.

If you can learn to offer value to your audience then they will keep coming back for more.

There’s a not so little thing called Attraction Marketing and there is a reason very successful people swear by it and teach it to others to become very successful.  This simple technique will make you so much more credible and appealing to your followers that they will be asking you what it is you are doing ,and what the products are you have to offer.

No more chasing people and spamming social media, now doesn’t that sound like something to get excited about?

6.Master 1 Strategy

The biggest mistake you can make is to constantly switch and never get good at 1 thing.

If your on FB ,YouTube, IG, Twitter or wherever, and you have an audience already that’s where you need to focus. Master your strategy there and then point that audience towards the other areas to start getting more followers ,engagement and sales there as well.

I have heard this over and over again, stay in your lane and stay focused. Do not let the shiny objects steer you off course and you will be headed to success so much faster!

And there you have it 6 tips for beginners that can help you get started fast in you are affiliate marketing business.

I hope you found value in this and will put it to use in your affiliate marketing business.If you get going with these 6 steps I know you will find success in your business!

So if you’re ready to put these steps to action ,then Something I did myself and I highly recommend checking out is this 15 day free training that can jump-start your business and start making you sales right away.

Get started now! Enjoy!

Wishing you all the success

Amanda Kijek